EΑΚΑΑ awarded ‘excellence’ status in year 2019 from JIG for 7th contiguous year.

JIG (Joint Inspection Group) consists of the major International Oil Companies (BP, Chevron, ENI, Exxon Mobil,

Kuwait Petroleum, Shell, Statoil and Total). The scope of this organization is to provide internationally agreed procedures for handling aviation fuel at airports and upstream aviation fuel facilities in order to promote safety, quality control and efficiency. JIG performs regular inspections to ensure that the above mentioned facilities are constructed and operated in accordance with its procedures. JIG is also endorsed by IATA. The Certificate of Excellence was awarded to EAKAA by JIG in October 2018 with the following note, describing the Company’s performance:

‘Following the JIG International Inspection at EAKAA the JIG Inspector assessed the overall standard as ‘ excellent ‘. Only locations with a very high standard of operation are rated as such. The guidance for inspectors defines an excellent location as being one where there are ‘ no recommendations outstanding from the previous international inspection report. Staff are well trained and motivated, records are complete and up to date and equipment is maintained in ‘as new’ condition’.