Emergencies in a fuel Pipeline can occur due to an accident, failure or sabotage. Main priority in such a situation is human and property safety and also minimizing environmental impact.

Applying Know-How and international best practicies, Company implements an Emergency Plan.

However, a common cause of pipeline damage is excavation activities conducted by persons not associated with the pipeline companies. Safe digging helps prevent this damage.

Prevent pipeline damage !

You can also help preventing pipeline damage

Do Not Dig without the appropriate municipality licence.Pipeline is protected by the n.3054/2002 Law of the Greek state and every digging activity nearby pipeline is forbidden without AAFPC’s written permission. Make a call, you make your work easier.

Recognize, Respect and Report

Recognize  Pipeline Location, Respect The Marker Posts. Do not dig before calling AAFPC 24/7  in Emergency phone (as shown also on Marker Posts) .