JET A-1 fuel after refining process is stored in three dedicated tanks that are used only for JET A-1 and are according to AAFPC’s high quality Rules.

Two tanks capacity is 8660m³ each and the third one is 9200m³, used as spare:

  • Jet fuel is being transferred via two pumps.

  • Pumps are  centrifugal type with electric motors.

  • In an operational point of view, the project is divided in two phases.

  • During the present phase only two pumps are available, one operating, one spare.

  • In the future phase -upon rise of capacity- two pumps will be operating connected in series and a third identical pump will be installed as spare.

A filter/water separator is located downstream of the pump station in order to remove solid particulates and water from the fuel.A metering station is installed to calculate jet fuel transferred quantity via a Positive Displacement Meter and the relevant flow control unit. A deaerator and a basket filter are also installed. Metering station is certified for custody transfer.

Pump station,filter/water separator and metering station constitute the Unit 6500.Scraper launcher trap and inlet Pipeline valve, are located within the refinery area downstream of the metering station and compose Unit 6100.Inlet isolation valve is above ground, motor operated full bore, double block & bleed gate valve with welded ends (Actuator Rotork IQ series). The inlet valve is also equipped with a by-pass valve.