A Greek Construction joint venture Company was dedicated for all  facilities construction.  ASPROFOS SA  designed and supervised the whole project.

The 10-inch  pipeline, connects the Hellenic Petroleum refinery with the Athens International Airport storage and distribution facilities, crossing a 53-kilometres distance, mainly via Attiki Odos highway. Construnction ended in 2003. Company’s commercial start was in February 2004.

Total construction cost : 23 million Euro

(25% shareholders’ equity capital,40% bank loan and 35% financed through the Third Community Support Framework)

The Jet Fuel Pipeline :

  • It is an environmentally friendly infrastructure
  • Contributes to public safety

  • Guarantees uninterrupted jet fuel supply to the airport

  • It is a competitive JetA1 tranfer solution, available to all users, reducing  transfer costs from the refinery facility to the airport by 30%

  • Promotes sustainable growth within the European Union

“Athens Airport Jet Fuel Pipeline Company S.A.” will be the pipeline operator for a concession period extending up to 2026, by which time  the fuel pipeline company will be handed over to the Greek State.