Pipeline mechanical characteristics are :

Length: 52.800m

Diameter : 10 inch

Thickness: 7,8 mm

Material  made:  according API 5L Gr B..

Design is according American Code ASME 31.4  related to fuel pipelines. Security factor 0,5 is used regarding Pipeline Thickness, that it is more severe than ASME code (factor=0,72). Pipeline coating is a 8mm poly-ethylene cover for corrosion protection.

Pipeline was designed to transfer 300m³/h Jet A-1 to 698 m LC or 58 barg and it is based to the American Code ASME 31.4 for the liquid hydrocarbon transfer.The maximum pressure allowed is 69barg.

Fuel temperature is between 10°C and 30°C and density is between  0,757kg/lit and 0,824kg/lit . Pipeline diameter, pumps and filters are designed for 300m³/h flow rate. At present time Airport aviation fuel needs are fulfilled with 200m³/h flow rate.